Floor Shadows Added

Voxels immediately adjacent to the floor will create shadows using ambient occlusion.
A subtle addition that anchors the thumbnails to an imaginary floor.

To clear out the Windows Explorer Thumbnail Cache to see updated thumbnails:

  1. Start a command prompt
  2. Task Manager -> Select Explorer -> Right click and End Task
  3. Enter this command into the command prompt started earlier:
    del %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer\thumbcache*
  4. Any Access is denied errors means the old dlls are still in use. Reboot and start again.
  5. Task Manager -> File -> Run new task -> explorer
  6. Now you should see your new thumbnails where you have .vox files.


Voxels.Setup.exe 5 MB
Aug 17, 2017

Get Voxel File Windows Explorer Thumbnails

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